Double Glazing Companies Near Great Yarmouth

Double Glazing Companies Near Great Yarmouth

Double Glazing Companies Near Great Yarmouth

If you are searching through quotes for a new uPVC window installer, it can be quite overwhelming when trying to differentiate the crème de la crème from the dog’s dinner if you’re not a window expert. When you are looking for double glazing companies near Great Yarmouth, it is understandable as we at Trendguard encounter this hurdle daily.

Because of this, we have devised a few simple questions, broken down into snackable-sized chunks which you can then use to help you understand a little bit more about double-glazing. We feel it’s good practice to lay all cards on the table because we believe any doubt is considered an unanswered question.

Things to consider when looking for double-glazing companies near Great Yarmouth

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ before. This philosophy applies to all industries, especially with double glazed uPVC windows & doors. Here are 5 key things to consider when buying new double-glazed windows from double glazing companies near Great Yarmouth:

Double glazing options
Glass Type
Hardware options
FENSA Registered
Insurance Backed Guarantee – IWA

Different double-glazing options

Profile type – “profile” is the industry term for the frame which your double-glazed window is made from. The main thing to consider when looking at frames is the depth of their profile. Profile depths are typically either 65 or 70mm. Well-known brands use a 70mm profile such as Rahau, Kommerling, and Duraflex. You may be thinking that this small difference in depth can’t make such a difference, however, in our experience, we have found it to have vastly improved energy efficiency and noise reduction for many of our customers.

In addition to this, the 70mm profiles offer a far better finish and look better upon completion. After all – quality speaks for itself! We suggest when looking for double glazing companies near Great Yarmouth that you ask these important questions.

Glass types

The first thing to look out for, which people may overlook is the glass type. Glass must be at least a C rating to qualify for legal building regulations. When speaking to a salesperson, it can be helpful to ask what rating of glass their windows use. Cheaper ratings of glass contain a lower iron content which not only will lack the energy saving benefits of higher rated ones but can also badly stain your furniture over time.

At Trendguard, we supply A plus rated glass as standard across all our windows. Our Belief is that although the cost of this may be slightly higher in the short term, it will optimize your savings and pay dividends over time. Glass typically makes up 70% of a window and after all, if you’re looking for double glazing companies near Great Yarmouth to spend your pennies with, would you not want the best glass available at the right price to compliment them?

Hardware options

Different hardware options can significantly make a difference, especially when it comes to spending our pennies. When we’re speaking of hardware, we’re talking about the different features that make a window complete. For example, the type of window or door handle you choose, or the type of hinge you have. These can vary some what. We’re sure that no doubt at some point you’ve seen that poor neighbour with a piece of parcel tape holding their letter box shut for example. Depending on the furniture’s quality, this will have an impact regarding cost.

Some Double Double glazing companies near great Yarmouth or home improvement companies make cut backs to the quality of their furniture to help reduce the overall cost, which in turn makes it a more appealing options. One example would be using a standard window hinge when there should be a fire hinge fitted for example. These are just some examples, so be sure when comparing quotes that you don’t compare apples with oranges.

FENSA Approved & Insurance Backed Guarantee

We often hear customer ask what is FENSA or are non aware that being FENSA registered must be backed by a Insurance Backed Guarantee. You’ll find a small number of double glazing companies near Great Yarmouth who are registered, and a small number of installers who claim they are. You can check this on the FENSA website. In a nut shell, FENSA are their to ensure you don’t end up with a cowboy installer installing windows that don’t meet regulations or compliance. An insurance backed guarantee is to protect you if the IBG registered company goes into administration or dissolves.

We’ve taken the time to write about this in further detail, and you can read more about this here. If you’d like to ask more questions with ease, please feel free to call us 7 days a week and we will be happy to assist you further on 01493 230400.

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