uPVC Flush Sash Casement Windows Norwich

Flush Casement Windows are available in a range of colours and designed for modern and contemporary homes. They sit flush with the frame and offer improved home energy efficiency.

Trendguards uPVC Flush Casement Windows

uPVC Flush Sash casement windows are designed with the frame and sash sitting flush when the window is closed, giving a clean and flat appearance. These types of windows often hark back to older, traditional styles and are commonly seen in heritage properties and cottages.

Not only this, but with their incredible style and design, what easier way to enhance your home and property value at the same time? All of our uPVC sash windows options are available with flexible monthly payments with 0% 24 Months Interest Free!

The perfect alternative for original timber sash windows.

Trendguard Flush Sash windows represent the most contemporary iteration of uPVC windows, embodying both the authenticity reminiscent of classic timber windows predating 1932, and the thermal advantages characteristic of 21st-century advancements.

Numerous landowners find themselves in need of a conventional timber window framework, often compelled by planning or ecological limitations. In this regard, Trendguard Flush Sash windows stand out as they can be meticulously assembled, mirroring the aesthetics of genuine timber while maintaining an authentic appearance.

Energy Efficient

Upgrading to flush casement windows can notably enhance your home's energy efficiency. Our uPVC flush casement windows provide outstanding insulation, ensuring your home remains warm in the winter and cool in the summer. As a result, you can experience decreased energy use and reduced utility bills.

Interest Free Finance!

Upgrade effortlessly with our 0% interest finance. We prioritise making home improvements attainable for everyone. Experience heightened comfort, energy conservation, and visual appeal without the burden of interest fees. Elevate your living spaces seamlessly while staying within your financial means.

Our window installations are backed by the guarantee of a FENSA certificate, giving you added peace of mind. This certification ensures compliance with government standards and underscores our dedication to excellence and expert craftsmanship.

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Upgrade your space with our Pilkington decorative glass and uPVC Flush Casement Windows. Our designs offer both style and functionality, making your windows and doors stand out. Find the perfect mix of elegance and privacy for your unique taste.

Our full decorative textured glass range:

Choose from 5 beautiful handle colours

We prioritize every detail in our work. Our standard handle, which feels more like a premium upgrade, is a reflection of our commitment to quality. We offer this touch of elegance as a standard feature for your benefit.

Monkey Tail Handles

Monkey tail handles are the perfect hardware choice for uPVC flush casement windows, especially when aiming for an authentic or period look. Shaped to resemble a monkey’s tail, these handles curve gracefully, offering an antique appearance that enhances the traditional aesthetic of flush casement windows.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

uPVC flush casement windows are a type of window where the sash sits flush with the frame when closed, providing a sleek and modern appearance. They do not protrude from the exterior of the building, creating a neat and uncluttered look.

  • Aesthetics: uPVC flush casement windows offer a contemporary and stylish look, complementing various architectural styles and enhancing the overall appearance of the property.
  • Energy efficiency: These windows provide excellent thermal insulation, reducing heat loss and helping to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, which can lead to lower energy bills.
  • Low maintenance: uPVC flush casement windows require minimal upkeep, as they are durable, weather-resistant, and do not need regular painting or staining.
  • Security: Modern uPVC flush casement windows come with advanced locking mechanisms, providing enhanced security for your home.
  • Soundproofing: These windows can help reduce external noise, creating a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment.
  • Increased property value: Installing uPVC flush casement windows can add value to your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

The main difference lies in their appearance and operation. flush casement windows have sashes that fit flush with the frame, providing a clean and seamless look. On the other hand, standard casement windows have sashes that overlap the frame slightly, creating a more traditional and prominent profile.

  • Modern aesthetics: uPVC flush casement windows offer a modern and minimalist appearance, making them ideal for contemporary homes and those seeking a sleek design.
  • Traditional charm: Standard casement windows provide a more classic and timeless look, making them suitable for properties with a traditional or period architectural style.
  • Visible hinges: Standard casement windows often feature visible hinges on the outside, while flush casement windows have concealed hinges, contributing to their clean and uncluttered appearance.
  • Frame design: Flush casement windows typically have slimmer frames compared to standard casement windows, allowing for more glass area and increased natural light.

Yes, uPVC flush casement windows can be fully customised to match your preferences and requirements. They are available in various sizes, finishes, and glazing options, allowing you to choose the design that best suits your home.

Yes, uPVC flush casement windows are energy-efficient. They are designed with modern insulation features and weather seals, ensuring minimal heat loss and maximising energy savings.

uPVC flush casement windows can sometimes be more expensive than standard uPVC windows due to their design and mechanism, but prices vary based on brand, quality, and installation factors. It’s best to compare quotes for a precise cost.

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