What is FENSA?

What is FENSA?

What is FENSA?

What is FENSA? An in-depth guide to FENSA and what it stands for

If you are searching through quotes for a new uPVC window, it can be quite overwhelming when trying to differentiate the crème de la crème from the dog’s dinner if you’re not an expert on the subject! This is understandable and you are not alone as our window experts at Trendguard are asked daily: what is FENSA? To answer this, there are two ways you can infer the question. What is the actual meaning being the FENSA acronym and what does FENSA aim to ensure as a regulator?

What does FENSA stand for?

FENSA stands for Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme. In short, FENSA is a government backed accreditation which monitors the compliance of window and door replacements in accordance with building regulation compliance. FENSA was created to help homeowners feel more comfortable in the knowledge that they will be protected against any fraud or misconduct which may occur throughout the sale. FENSA carries out checks to all double-glazing installers and building companies to make sure they stay within requirements to keep their certification.

To become FENSA registered your chosen company must firstly have in place an Insurance Backed Guarantee, (IBG) and public liability insurance to the sum of £2M minimum. Upon completion of the installation, homeowners will receive a certificate to signify that the job complies with all relevant building regulations, has official registry with the local governing body and its contents are of the highest quality regarding energy efficiency. Because of this, we at TrendGuard, take great pride in our FENSA registry.

When searching for quotes, always ask whether their installs are FENSA registered and make sure to ask for the FENSA certificate afterwards! Alternatively, follow the link to obtain a free no obligation quote from Trendguard and a price usually the same day!

Why should you choose a FENSA registered installer?

You’ve probably asked this question yourselves; what is FENSA? Every registered installer is monitored strictly by FENSA, carrying out yearly inspections, this avoids you having work done by cowboy trades people or companies who do not adhere to FENSAs compliance standards. Poor work or even illegal work would likely cost you hundreds of pennies to put right so it’s best to be safe than sorry.

Even if your chosen company or trades person is non-approved, it is mandatory that all work carried out is registered with the local authority. You’ll have to be sure that all work is registered will the authorities and the likely hood that it’s not done is often; because any confident window installer would most likely want to be FENSA registered because of there reputation. This process would cost you time and depending on what council you belong too, a surprising amount of money arranging assessments by building control.

If you’d like more free about what is FENSA, or information about the types of windows Trendguard supply and install, feel free to get in contact. If you’re looking for a free no obligation quote, just click here. All of our installations come with an insurance backed guarantee, as well as a FENSA certificate. We’re here 7 days a week, just call us on 01603 299090.

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