uPVC Conservatory Replacement Norwich

Looking for a new conservatory? At Trendguard we supply, build and install new conservatories. We have a range of various styles to suit your homes existing exterior and window and door styles. To find out more and arrange a free no obligation quote, get in touch today.

uPVC Conservatories That Transform Homes with Extra Space

At Trendguard, we understand how extra space in a home can enhance a family’s quality of life. That’s why we design and install uPVC conservatories to your bespoke design. We can transform your home with a versatile, multi-purpose conservatory you can enjoy throughout the year.

Popular uPVC Conservatory Styles:

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Conservatories In Great Yarmouth



Take a look at one of our most recent uPVC Conservatory upgrades, completed with a fully insulated light weight tiled roof.

Conservatories To Suit Your Lifestyle

We want you to have a conservatory that complements your home’s design while giving you the functional space you and your family need to thrive. That’s why we’ll arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with you to discuss design details.

We’ll take care of everything, from clearing the site, to sourcing the windows and doors. We can also organise plumbing and electrical services, ensuring you won’t have to go anywhere else to create the conservatory of your dreams.

A Range of Styles to Complement Your Home

The key components for conservatories are the windows. And at Trendguard, we have an extensive range of uPVC windows to choose from.

Every window we supply for uPVC conservatories are safe, secure, energy-efficient and made to measure. We’ll put you in control of the design process. Choose from a range of colours and finishes to ensure you get the conservatory of your dreams.

Why Choose a uPVC Conservatory Upgrade?

uPVC Conservatories an be designed based on your requirements and the existing design of your property. But why commit to such a significant investment? At Trendguard, we design and install conservatories that deliver a wide range of benefits:

What colours are available?

We have a wide range of colour options for Conservatories, the most popular being White. We can supply and install White, Cream, Grey, Light Grey, Rosewood, Chartwell Green and Honey Oak. With certain colours, we also offer the option of the same colour on the inside. Please feel free to call us 7 days a week to find out more details on all possible options that suit you. 01493 230400

Whether you are in Norwich or Great Yarmouth, get in touch today and we will arrange a free no obligation quote.

When it comes to double glazing, we’re sure to have something that suits you. All of our products are A-Rated and of the highest quality. We back this up by offering a 10-year guarantee on all of our products.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

When it comes to double glazing, we’re sure to have something that suits you.
  • Improved thermal efficiency: Upgrading with modern uPVC frames and energy-efficient glazing can enhance insulation and reduce energy consumption, leading to potential cost savings on heating and cooling.
  • Enhanced aesthetics: Upgrading elements like flooring, roofing, and door styles can give your conservatory a fresh and stylish look that complements your home’s interior and exterior design.
  • Increased usability: By adding features such as heating, ventilation, and blinds, you can make your uPVC conservatory comfortable and enjoyable year-round, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Upgraded security: Modern uPVC frames come with advanced locking systems, enhancing the security of your conservatory and providing peace of mind.
  • Value addition: An upgraded uPVC conservatory can increase the value of your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers if you decide to sell in the future.
  • Personalization: With various upgrade options available, you have the flexibility to tailor your uPVC conservatory to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Yes, you can upgrade your existing uPVC conservatory roof by replacing it with a new, more thermally efficient roof system, such as a solid roof or a glass roof with self-cleaning properties.

uPVC bifold doors are available in various configurations, including:

  • The number of panels: Bifold doors can have different numbers of panels, typically ranging from 2 to 7 or more, depending on the width of the opening and the desired design.
  • Folding direction: Bifold doors can be designed to fold to one side or split in the middle, with panels folding in opposite directions.

The duration of a uPVC conservatory upgrade can vary depending on the extent of the improvements and the complexity of the project. However, most upgrades can be completed within a few days to a few weeks.

Yes, upgrading the doors and windows in your uPVC conservatory is a common improvement. Replacing old or outdated doors and windows with modern uPVC frames and energy-efficient glazing can enhance the overall performance, appearance, and security of your conservatory. You can choose from various styles, such as sliding doors, bi-fold doors, or casement windows, to match your preferences and complement your home’s design.

In many cases, uPVC conservatory upgrades may fall under permitted development rights, meaning planning permission is not required. However, it’s advisable to check with your local planning authority to confirm if any permissions are needed, especially for significant changes or extensions.

Why Choose Trendguard for Your New uPVC Conservatory?

At Trendguard, we’re passionate about helping people to enhance their homes with quality doors and windows. We use all that passion to create conservatories that enhance lives.

Our skilled and experienced engineers and tradespeople treat every home as if it were their own. From the design process to the final snagging list, we’ll be there to ensure your conservatory installation runs smoothly — with minimal disruption to your daily life.

When you choose Trendguard for your uPVC conservatory installation , you’re guaranteed the following:

A same-day, no-obligation quote

We’ll do everything we can to provide you with a no-obligation quote on the day you enquire. And once you have it, you’ll know it’s valid for a full year. Call us today or click here to arrange a free consultation and quote.


We plan, design and install conservatories 7 days a week. Book your free consultation and quote anytime between 8 am and 10 pm — Monday to Sunday.

We’ll Beat Any Like-for-Like Quote

Our lowest price guarantee applies to all Upvc conservatories. Give us a like-for-like written quote from a reputable competitor, and we’ll beat it! Book your consultation and quote today by calling us on 01493 230400.

FENSA Certified

Our conservatories are backed up by a FENSA certificate for your peace of mind. This ensures quality and expert craftsmanship in accordance with government regulations. We’ll also throw in third-party deposit and insurance guarantees, as we understand installing conservatories represents a significant investment.