What is IWA?

What is IWA?

What is IWA?

The IWA (Independent Warranty Association) is the UK’s most trusted insurance-backed guarantee (IBG) and deposit protection (DP) scheme service. Established in 1985, the IWA has been working with both customers and businesses on a national and local level to provide clear-cut policies which ensure all parties are treated fairly.

Certified with the IWA, we at Trendguard guarantee our customers for 10 years with both an insurance-backed guarantee and deposit protection scheme.

What is an Insurance-Backed Guarantee?

An IBG can be quite confusing. Rather than this being our actual insurance policy, in the event that your windows/doors suffer an operational failure, an insurance-backed guarantee is an insurance policy which covers the original guarantee provided by an installer. This means that in the event a company ceases to trade with a customer, and said customer’s product fails without fault of their own, they are still legally entitled to make a claim under the original guarantee. In accordance to IWA, Trendguard provides all our instalments with a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee at no extra cost.

What is a Deposit Protection Scheme?

In the event that a customer makes a deposit for a pending instalment, then for whatever reason, the company the customer is paying does not carry out the works they were hired to do. This is why in addition to a 10-year IBG, we also guarantee a deposit protection scheme on all our products. This protects you for up to 25% of the cost of the instalment, rather than 25% of the deposit you have paid. In almost all cases, this means you would be fully refunded in the scenario where the work you had ordered couldn’t be carried out.

Does an IWA Accreditation really matter?

Quite simply, yes! IWA accreditation not only assures you and your product(s) are legally protected for 10 years, it saves you from any unnecessary hassle and potential legal fees you may be charged if you landed into a dispute with a different company/someone else who did not have IWA accreditation. Having such accreditation can also be seen as an indicator of competence and prestige – we are more than prepared to reserve a sum of over £2M purely for the purpose of liability. Although we will never anticipate letting any customer down, Trendguard is a company which puts you first and guarantees legal protection when you go with us.

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