Reasons You Should Replace Your Windows and Doors

Reasons You Should Replace Your Windows and Doors

Reasons You Should Replace Your Windows and Doors

Many people are not aware of the benefits that comes with replacing your windows and doors. Here are 5 reasons you should replace your windows and doors…

Rising Energy Bills

Energy bills have rocketed across the UK – from a 54% increase in April 2022, they are likely to rise again in October. Installing new, energy efficient, double/triple-glazed, uPVC windows and doors will: insulate your home from losing heat to the outdoors during winter; prevent heat from passing through your windows between the layers of uPVC/glass in the summer and newly installed windows and doors following FENSA regulations will guarantee no draughts will flow throughout your home.

This in-turn results in your home being further regulated regarding how much your house temperature fluctuates throughout the day. This heat transmittance and retention is known as a U-value, and so reducing this value will save you money in your energy bills, as it will no longer be needed to set your heating appliances to such a high level when less heat is escaping through your windows and doors.

Windows and doors that were built over 10 years ago weren’t designed to the standards of FENSA regulations today, ergo replacing them to meet current building regulations and energy efficiency standards could save you hundreds of pounds each year on energy bills.

Rise in Crime

Overall, crime is on the rise in the UK. Opportunistic criminals will seek and target homes with potential security vulnerabilities. Additional windowpanes, toughened glass and uPVC panes will add to the safety of your home, making it far less likely for you to be at risk of break-ins and suffering property damage.

Furthermore, it is commonly assumed you should only replace parts of your door which are broken, such as the lock system or the hinges. However, many break-ins occur because the door panel or frame itself – through natural decay overtime – had been weakened sufficiently to a point where a simple kick could cause the door to break off its hinges, rather than the lock mechanism failing.

Oftentimes it is difficult to determine how durable your windows and doors are, so replacing them when moving into a different property where the original windows and doors are still in-place is advisable assuming the property is over 20 years old (this is the average lifespan of a uPVC door).

House Value

Installing new windows and doors will increase the value of your house – this may even add a greater value to your property compared to how much it may cost you to have new windows/doors installed. A significant factor that influences your house value is the energy rating given to a property based on its Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). According to a study from the UK Government Department of Energy & Climate Change, on average making energy-efficient improvements to your property can increase its value by 14% with an upper-quartile range of 38% in some parts of England.

Moreover, replacing your doors and windows adds an aesthetic appeal to your home. With a vibrant design range, creating a unique entrance to your home ensures your property stands out from every other house on your road. This further adds to your house value and will attract more potential buyers in the event you ever decide to sell your house.

Noise Levels

Single-glazed windows, and windows and doors not properly fitted to their frames leads to more outside noise entering your home. If too much sound enters your property, this could conflict with FENSA regulations. Even if your windows and doors have been replaced recently, if you can still hear too much outside noise inside your home with every opening shut, your windows and doors may not be fitted properly.

Reducing external noise pollution in your home eliminates one of the biggest causes of disruption for most households. For people working from home, being free of distractions can increase your levels of productiveness.

Health Benefits

Your health matters. From the points already raised, better regulating your home’s temperature to what’s most optimal for you reduces irritability, whilst creating a safer, more secure home environment reduces anxiety.

Additionally, how you sleep is partly dependent on your mood, as well as the internal environment you are sleeping in. Thus, you will have a better night’s rest if you feel safe and remain in a controlled, warm environment.

Replacing your windows and doors improves your mood, your sleeping pattern and your ability to concentrate.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]

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