How To Clean uPVC Window Frames

How To Clean uPVC Window Frames

How to clean uPVC Window Frames for great results

The reason most homes throughout the UK are now fitted with double-glazed uPVC windows is that they’re low maintenance, stylish and secure. uPVC windows are popular for a few reasons, and the most popular reason is their durability. Unlike aluminium windows or timber, their robust design makes life that little bit hassle-free.

Double-glazed windows vary and depending on what configuration uPVC window style you choose will determine how easy they are to clean. How to clean uPVC window frames is easy. For example, a smooth white frame will be easy to clean than a foiled white. Trendguard installs every window with an easy-clean hinge as standard for your convenience.

Suggestions on how to clean uPVC window frames

It is often suggested that the best method for cleaning uPVC Windows and frames is to use a non-abrasive cleaner. You’ll often find most manufacturers will recommend cleaning your new windows with warm soapy water, with a soft cloth or sponge. The reason abrasive chemicals are not recommended is to avoid the risk of colour fade on foiled windows or risk damaging the gaskets that seal your double-glazed windows when closed.

Suggestions on how to clean your window glass

Although your wondering how to clean uPVC Window frames, don’t forget the glass. You’ll no doubt have a bottle of window cleaner solution under the cupboard sink. Although different brands may vary, we would suggest reading the label to make sure there aren’t any warnings and that the glass cleaning solution is compatible.

No different to cleaning your uPVC frames, a microfibre cloth or sponge will be sufficient. We often hear our customers getting great results using old newspapers however this can be done at your own leisure.

Easy Clean Hinges for casement windows

Different uPVC windows come with different configurations. As mentioned above, all Trendguard windows are fitted as standard with an Easy Clean hinge fitted as standard. We believe that having this as a standard feature helps us understand how easy and low maintenance uPVC Windows are. When wondering how to clean uPVC Window frames, with the Easy Clean hinge, every window can be polished off with ease!

We often find that customers would often choose the unpopular tilt and turn windows are a substitute because they’re able to open inwards. However, this is often because our customers are unfamiliar with such a hinge type, the Easy Clean.

With its effortless functionality, just open up your window. On each hinge, there will be a button that you press to release the hinge which allows you to slide it across. Once you’ve reached out and given your window a little wipe down, just close it up and voilà.

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