How Much Do New Windows Cost?

How Much Do New Windows Cost?

How Much Do New Windows Cost?

Depending on how you source your new windows, prices may vary from the product cost, and all the way up to them being installed can vary substantially. When it comes to house projects, rather than asking how much do new windows cost, we should instead query how much should you spend on the right windows for you.

Buying from a supplier

Of course, the simple answer to the cost of new windows is by looking on the websites of your local suppliers, or national domestic building materials chain. Although you will be able to compare prices; find the style of window which might close enough to what you ideally want and possibly order it in a colour other than white, that’s all there is to it.

You will not be able to order a specific window size for most national suppliers out of the options you are given; you will rarely be able to choose your window colour; there will be no insurance policy that comes with your product and if you nor any members of your family are qualified window fitters under FENSA, then to comply with building regulations, you will need to pay for a window fitter to install it for you.

This means that buying from a supplier entails many additional costs that will need to be accounted for, such as: charges from the window fitter; changes that may need to be made to the surrounding wall if you cannot get a bespoke window size and the consideration of setting more money asides in the event your window fails and you have no insurance on it to claim. This changes the inquiry from ‘how much do new windows cost?’ into ‘how much money will I need to set aside when replacing my windows?’

At Trendguard, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver to you the whole package: we supply, install and guarantee your windows and doors for 10 years with deposit protection up to 25% of the cost of the instalment and an insurance-backed guarantee. You can book a free, 12-month fixed quote by clicking here.

Buying from a national corporation

Although there is nothing inherently wrong with opting to go with a national corporation including when it comes to asking ‘how much do new windows cost’, we can offer a far greater level of local availability which larger companies would struggle to compete against. This means we can save you more time throughout the whole process, such as the waiting time before installing your windows, and fixing any issues with your new windows and doors on the day, rather than having to wait for an installer to get there from a great distance.

So, when asking ‘how much do new windows cost’, every potential expense needs to be considered before coming to a final decision.


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