Double Glazing Near You

Double Glazing Near You

Double Glazing Near You

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ before. This same philosophy applies to all industries, especially uPVC windows.

If you are searching through quotes for a new uPVC window, it can be quite overwhelming when trying to differentiate the crème de la crème from the dog’s dinner if you’re not a window expert. This is understandable, and you are not alone. We at Trendguard encounter this hurdle daily. Because of this, we have devised a few simple questions, broken down into snackable-sized content chunks for you to use to help you determine whether you are getting a good deal or not. We feel it’s good practice to lay all cards on the table. Any doubt in your mind is considered an unanswered question to us.

Here are 5 key things to consider when looking for double glazing near you:

Glass type

Glass must be at least a C rated in order to qualify for legal building regulations. When speaking to a salesperson, it can be helpful to ask what rating of glass their windows use. Cheaper ratings of glass contain a lower iron content which not only will lack the energy-saving benefits of higher rated ones, but they can also badly stain your furniture over time. When looking for a supplier for double glazing near you, it is vital to ensure their windows are rated A+ before having yours replaced.

At Trendguard, we supply A+ rated glass as standard across all our windows. Our belief is that although the cost of this may be slightly higher in the short term, it will optimise your savings and pay dividends over time. Glass typically makes up 70% of a window, and after all, if you’re looking to spend up to thousands of pounds on getting new windows, why would you not want the best glass that money can buy to compliment them?

Profile type

A ‘profile’ is the industry term for the frame which your double-glazed window is made from. The main thing to consider when looking at frames is the depth of its profile. Profile depths are typically either 65mm or 70mm. Well known brands use a 70mm profile, such as Rahau, Kommerling, and Duraflex. Swift frame however, still uses the unpopular 65mm. You may be thinking that this small difference in depth can’t have a great impact, however, in our experience we have found it to have vastly improved energy efficiency and noise reduction for many of our customers. In addition to this, the 70mm profiles offer a far better finish and look better upon completion. After all – quality speaks for itself!

Trendguard windows supplies 70mm window frames for all our products.

Hardware options

In addition to the quality of the glass being installed on your new windows, hardware options may also be an important factor to consider when searching for double glazing near you. Window hardware are the parts used to open and lock your window. These include: cam locks, lift rails, lift and crank handles. We supply a variety of different hardware options for you to choose from. For example, our Easy Clean Hinges eliminates the issue many people have of frustratingly having to use a microfibre cloth to clean in-between tight spaces and minute ridges.

FENSA registered

It is crucial for any company to possess the relevant accreditations. That’s why at Trendguard, we proudly display our awarded certificates which are a testament to our distinguished products. One such awarding body is FENSA – a national awarding scheme which allows companies to certify their installations comply with building regulations. When looking for double glazing near you, it is fundamental the supplier/installer you are looking for is FENSA registered.

You can find out if a company is FENSA registered by checking their website.

Insurance-backed guarantee – IWA

Lastly, at Trendguard, we have an insurance-backed guarantee worth over £2M, set up with the Independent Warranty Association (IWA). This is also what qualifies us for our FENSA accreditation, which means in the event a company ceases to trade with their client, we can protect your deposit of up to 25% of the cost of the contracted home improvement work.

IWA is the most trusted, reputable deposit and guarantee protection service in the UK, and it’s what we use to ensure our customers are treated to the highest standards possible.

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