Caravan Windows

Caravan Windows Did you know that we supply and install caravan windows for your static caravans for holiday and resort parks? Being based in Norfolk by the coast, we at Trendguard have strong ties to our community: we sponsor the weather for our local radio station Harbour Radio; we have our own walk-in shop for […]

Types of Doors

Types of Doors At Trendguard, we have a range of different types of doors available to you. This article will explore these different types of doors we offer, alongside each of their different benefits and recommended applications. If you are unsure about whether it’s the right time to replace your current doors, we recommend you […]

Window and Door Terminology

Window and Door Terminology

Window and Door Terminology When it comes to window and door terminology, there is a tendency for there to be a great discrepancy in what people think they know about windows based on knowledge being mostly spread through word-of-mouth, and the technical terms we use in this industry. At Trendguard, we want all our customers […]

Types of Conservatories

Types of Conservatories There are several types of conservatories that variate based on their roof shape; their number of window and wall sides and their slightly different applications based on how they allow light to pass through them and the different functions this results in them having. At Trendguard, we install only the most prestigious […]

Types of Window Frames

Types of Window Frames Choosing between the right types of window frames for you can be quite confusing given that some of the different materials used to make them appear similar their properties and chemical components. We at Trendguard present our comprehensive description of the different types of windows there are; some of which we […]

Preparing Your Home for an Installation

Preparing Your Home for an Installation When preparing your home for an installation of new windows/doors, it is sometimes important to make small, necessary changes to your home to accommodate for the works being carried out. This will help you by allowing us to carry out the installation more quickly, meaning we don’t take up […]

How Much Do New Windows Cost?

How Much Do New Windows Cost? Depending on how you source your new windows, prices may vary from the product cost, and all the way up to them being installed can vary substantially. When it comes to house projects, rather than asking how much do new windows cost, we should instead query how much should […]

Different Window Styles

  Different Window Styles There are different window styles to suit everybody’s needs. This is why at Trendguard, we offer a diverse range of different window styles for you to choose from. The following explains what exactly these different window styles are, and what they are most suitable for… Bay Windows Most commonly seen on […]

What is IWA?

What is IWA?

What is IWA? The IWA (Independent Warranty Association) is the UK’s most trusted insurance-backed guarantee (IBG) and deposit protection (DP) scheme service. Established in 1985, the IWA has been working with both customers and businesses on a national and local level to provide clear-cut policies which ensure all parties are treated fairly. Certified with the […]

Double Glazing Near You

Double glazing near you

Double Glazing Near You You’ve probably heard the saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ before. This same philosophy applies to all industries, especially uPVC windows. If you are searching through quotes for a new uPVC window, it can be quite overwhelming when trying to differentiate the crème de la crème from the dog’s dinner if you’re […]