Caravan Windows

Caravan Windows

Caravan Windows

Did you know that we supply and install caravan windows for your static caravans for holiday and resort parks? Being based in Norfolk by the coast, we at Trendguard have strong ties to our community: we sponsor the weather for our local radio station Harbour Radio; we have our own walk-in shop for anyone who would like to meet our friendly team and browse our sample windows, whilst having past experience conducting caravan window installations for holiday resort parks by the coast.

Although our company is targeted more so towards installing and replacing windows/doors on domestic houses, please do not let this dissuade you from approaching us – we guarantee the same level of proficiency in all our caravan window installations.

What options are there for caravan windows?

All our static caravan windows are double glazed as standard, and are filled with an argon gas to insulate the windows more so than having an empty vacuum. This also helps to prevent condensation, which mobile homes/caravans are particularly prone to given that they are used on open spaces where they are more exposed to the outdoor elements.

In addition to the more conventional window styles we offer, such as single-frame casement windows, we also offer odd leg windows for all instalments. These types of caravan windows are built out from one of the caravan’s exterior walls. Typically, two smaller windows of the same size are attached vertically from the wall, whilst one larger window is joined in between the two vertical windows’ outer edges. Similarly to a bay window, this is built into one frame.

We at Trendguard bring our years of experience and trade with glass window suppliers nationwide, alongside our knowledge on installing windows securely for domestic homes. This means we can fit your caravan windows using the highest quality laminated and tempered glass; similar to the level of strength of glass you would find on a car windshield. This type of glass is not only designed as one of the strongest safety glass available, but it also provides incredibly clear views when looking out of them. We will always recommend this glass over the more robust, acrylic plastic that you would normally find elsewhere.

What caravan window sizes can you install?

There are three standard window sizes which over 90% of all windows on caravans/mobile homes use. Going in ascending order, the smallest size begins at 762mm x 1524mm, then 914mm x 1524mm, and lastly 762mm x 1372mm – these are the sizes of a single window ‘leaf’, which are standalone panels. Take into account the covering around the caravan window. For example, if window frame is already occupied by an old window, you should find a plastic, aluminium or wood covering attached to the vertical sides. This will be removed before installing the replacement window, alongside the outer and inner cassettes which are clipped onto the window frame covering.

For measuring odd leg windows, we will require one of the three sizes: the tight internal timber size; the short leg sizes (including fitting tolerance) or the long leg sizes (including the fitting tolerance). If you have multiple window ‘leaves’ in one window frame (also known as sashes in conventional, domestic windows’ which are of different sizes, and you would like to have them replaced like-for-like, please measure each window panel separately, so that we can differentiate between the two. Also, if you are unsure on measuring your own caravan windows, please do not worry. Our qualified, specialist window assessors will be more than happy to do this for you on the day you book a quote with us.

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